Why Choose Cavalry
For Your Block Paving?

Here at Cavalry we are experts at designing and installing block paved driveways. We specialise in helping to transform any type of driveway. Block paving can change the overall outlook of any outdoor area, creating a beautiful finished driveway that looks great all year round.

Our goal with any project we undertake is to also increase the value of your property by creating a decorative but most importantly functional space.

We are fully equipped to handle any size and shape of paving area! No job is too big or too small.

Why Is Block Paving
So Popular?

We have an extensive choice of paving styles for you to choose from including standard herringbone patterns to basket-weave, stretcher bond paving, paving circles and other unique paving features.

Block paving can be used anywhere around your property, to make a driveway, a patio or walkways connecting the two. It is especially good for driveways because it is flexible, can be very decorative, ultra hard wearing, non-slip and virtually maintenance free.

Another advantage of having driveway block paving installed rather than tarmac or concrete is that individual blocks can later be lifted up and replaced should they become damaged in any way, rather than having to have the whole driveway re done.


Most frequent questions and answers

Not at all! We have a huge range of various blocks, bricks and styles for you to choose from. 

This is a difficult one to answer. As every job is as unique as the last however, we undertake every job with the aim to finish as soon as possible without sacrificing any of our trademark quality. 

Never! We believe that any business asking for the whole amount payable up-front should be steered away from! We do ask for a deposit, however this is to ensure we have adequate recourses to enable us to start the work

This can also depend on the size of the work that needs to be undertaken. We have projects on-going throughout the region and for quality control purposes we always ensure that we have a minimum of 2 people on one project at a time.

Absolutely! We take just as much pride in our smaller work as we do in our biggest projects! No job is too small